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Some of the selected papers from the WP were published in the number of Forest Systems Journal (Vol 21, No 2).


Proceedings: Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development


Proceedings of the biannual meeting of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO 2011) group 7.02.02 were published in the Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, May 2012, Vol 4, Number 9.


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The Montesclaros Declaration


ournal of Agricultural Ext Development

The Montesclaros Declaration

Prepared by a group of more than 70 forest pathologists (representing 17 nations) that attended an international IUFRO (1) meeting held at the Montesclaros Monastery in Cantabria, Spain during May 23th – 27th, 2011.

As scientists studying diseases of forest trees, we recognize that the international trade of plant material is increasing the risks to forest health worldwide. The evidence for this view is based on the recent, unprecedented rise in numbers of alien pathogens and pests emerging in natural and planted forest ecosystems in all parts of the globe. We thus propose a phasing out of all trade in plants and plant products determined to be of high risk to forested ecosystems but low overall economic benefit (2).

(1) IUFRO = International Union of Forest Research Organizations (

(2) We regard all international trade in containerized ornamental plant seedlings and trees intended as plants for instant landscape planting as low benefit in terms of overall economy but high risk to forest health. For instance, production of seedlings in low cost localities for outplanting in different and distant environments provides only a marginal net economic benefit to the whole area, but provides an efficient pathway for pathogen and pest dispersal. In addition, international trade in other plant materials (e.g., wood packaging, wood chips, etc.) should be scrutinized and more strictly regulated.

Special number of Forest Systems

Dear participants at the Montesclaros meeting,


I am sending you the attached list of the 15 articles selected as candidates to be included in the Special number of Forest Systems (FS) about the meeting. I should apologize for the delay, but it wasn’t an easy job. As you will see (there are supplementary articles) this will not probably be the definitive list because it’s likely that some of the authors may decline this opportunity. If you are in this situation, please tell me as soon as possible to arrange the definitive list to be included in the Special Number of FS.


Concerning the FS publication you may know that it’s a quarterly publication and that the Special number about the meeting will be published in the 2012 number 2 (June released). I have also attached the PDF with the Instructions to Authors. To submit the article you should visit the web site of FS ( and fill in the form for registration. After that, you should follow the instructions including the code “IUFRO 2011” before the tittle of your article. Please, don’t forget to include an introductory letter. Everybody who is interested must submit the manuscript from September 15th to 30th. Articles submitted after this deadline, will not be included in the publication. Anyway the final acceptance of the articles will depend on the referee’s review and the FS editor.


Thanks for your collaboration, and have a good summer season.




Julio Diez


Selected articles


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IUFRO WP 7.02.02 2011


Full papers and guidelines for authors


  • Full papers will be published in a journal
  • Furthermore, a selection of 15-25 papers will be published in the SCI journal Forest Systems.


Oral comunications and posters

  • Here are presented the contains of oral communications and posters for the meeting. Detail information of every participant is given below.


Guides for preparation of the oral communication and poster will be later given in this webpage


23-28 th MAY 2011

 Next IUFRO 7.02.02 group meeting will take place at Montesclaros Monastery in Cantabria (Spain) from 23rd to 28th of May 2011.

The Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Montesclaros was built in a seventeenth-century highland Baroque style and houses the Patron Saint of Merindad de Campoo which is very revered in the area. It was built around a rock church and conserves an eighth-century altarpiece. The Merindad of Campoo is located in between Cantabria and Castilla y León, where the University of Valladolid is located.

The University of Valladolid is one of the first universities in the Spanish-speaking world and remain since 13th century. It has not only maintained the importance of the most traditional disciplines but has also incorporated an extensive roll of new fields in social and natural sciences as well as technology. Today, teaching is enriched by academic research, technological innovation and connections to the world of business and industry.
Campus "La Yutera" is set up in Palencia and it puts up the Agricultural, Forestry and Food Technology School. La Yutera turned into the modern campus it is today devoting to sustainable management of natural resources through excellent research and learning.